Seperate the directory and file portions of a string path in PHP

I was about to build my own function to separate the directory and file name portions of a string that contained both in php, when I decided to do a quick search to see if one already existed.  I was … Continue reading

Migrating wordpress to a new server

I just wanted to make some notes on the process of migrating a wordpress blog from one host to another, completely different host.  Hopefully this will clear some questions up for you and help you do it right the first … Continue reading

A customized web-based wysiwyg that can clean a paste from MS Word

I few weeks ago I began a project developing a custom built content management system (CMS) for clients of the web development company I work for (cgCraft).  A key component of any CMS is the wysiwyg… that special text-box that … Continue reading

Google Talk Crashes When I Select Show current music track Status, using Winamp

I discovered a strange bug recently while using Google Talk.  I wanted to “Show current music track” as my status and it failed.  I had done this in the past but recently re-installed Google Talk and upgraded Winamp, so I’m … Continue reading

How to Fix Problmes with CSS Float Elements in IE, FireFox, Safari, etc

You may have discovered a powerful little css attribute called “float” and have dreamed about all the different elements you can make stick to the right side of the page or containing element. Then you go to implement it and … Continue reading

Screwball Tees, funny t-shirt site, is alive!

I’m pleased to announce that, my work in progress for the past couple of months, has finally launched! The site was launched on April 9th with 3 completed t-shirt designs (which I’ve been proudly wearing all over town), printed … Continue reading

Starting to Add Google Checkout (as paypal alternative) To Accept Credit Card Payments

I’m working on adding Google Checkout to a site I’m building. If you have ever worked with Paypal API there is a good chance you have run into some trouble and maybe even have come to hate the process. Although … Continue reading

Facebook Soars While MySpace Wilts

I didn’t find it at all surprising when I read “Facebook Hockey Sticks, MySpace Languishes” over at  Facebook now has about double the number of active users as Myspace.  Even more disconcerting for Mysapce, their number of active users … Continue reading

Running multiple versions of IE on Vista

If you are a web developer you are going to want to test your website on multiple browsers, including multiple versions of Internet Explorer (IE).  Generally speaking, you should have your websites work for IE6 and higher. I recently began … Continue reading

Promoting Yourself as a Freelancer on the Cheap

I recently found myself without any paying clients for the first time in a couple years and had to think about how to find more work. If you are a freelancer like myself, you probably don’t have a lot of money to market yourself with. Here are a few ideas to do it free or cheaply. Continue reading