My new HP TouchPad – Better, Faster, Stronger, Overclocked

A couple of weeks ago I purchased an HP TouchPad once they were on fire-sale for $99.

My initial review: WebOS is nice, simple, clean and “throwing” out apps to close them is fun.  The device though is slow (perhaps because of a sluggish JavaScript library?) and the HP App Catalog isn’t exactly abundantly full of apps but I’m hoping the sudden popularity of the TouchPad will change that.

To remedy the issue of slowness, I found you can relatively easily “overclock” the CPU (or unlock more of it’s power) with a small but noticeable impact on battery life.  I followed the instructions in this forum post at and now my 1ghz TouchPad clocks at 1.7ghz (on both cores)!  The performance increase is noticeable and well worth it.  I also downloaded some of the other apps through Preware to make some other performance improvements.

Follow these directions at your own risk.  You may void your warranty in the process.  Make sure to follow the directions perfectly or you will have problems.