Disable Verizon V-Cast popup / autostart on Android HTC Incredible

So after the update to Android version 2.2 on my HTC Incredible that I have with Verizon I notice that everytime I plug it into my computer with the USB cable it would pop up a V-Cast promo video in my browser as well as a little pop-up window asking me to install some software.  Very annoying.

A quick search brought me here which gave these quick instructions:

  1. Open the phone app.
  2. Dial ##7764726 and tap Call.
  3. Enter the SPC password of 000000 (six zeros) and tap Verify.
  4. Tap Feature Settings.
  5. Select CD-ROM.
  6. Select Disable.
  7. Press Menu and commit modifications.

Now you should be all set.  No more annoying Verizon pop-ups!