Screwball Tees, funny t-shirt site, is alive!

Screwball Tees - Funny T-shirts

I’m pleased to announce that, my work in progress for the past couple of months, has finally launched!

The site was launched on April 9th with 3 completed t-shirt designs (which I’ve been proudly wearing all over town), printed and sitting in boxes in my office waiting to be shipped.  More designs from new and fantastic artists are in the works and will be available soon.  Get on the email list to find out as soon as great new t-shirt designs are released.

The site design was a collaborative effort between myself and a graphic designer I know in Boston.  The logo was designed by a colleague who does graphic design named Chelsea Grose who hit the nail on the head with the vision I had.

The shopping cart was hand-coded in php by myself.  Building a shopping cart solution from scratch is something I’ve wanted to do for some time and I am happy with how the ecommerce php class came out.  It is relatively simple, and integrates with the Google Checkout HTML API, which is the simpler Google Checkout solution that I implemented for lack of time (though it works great).  I plan to upgrade this in the future to a more powerful e-commerce solution (possibly a server-to-server post with Google Checkout) as sales pick up.  So far I have been impressed with the ease of integration (compared with similar paypal solutions I’ve used in the past).