Tunegrove Blog Launched!

I’ve just launched a blog to focus on writing about great music I discover in my local area (Maine). So if you or someone you know is a Musician recording or performing in Maine, let me know. Get all the … Continue reading

Note to Self: Avoid Bulk SMS

SMS is a ridiculous system of messaging. While I appreciate the simplicity and the limited characters (because it encourages short, concise messages); everything else about it feels archaic and cumbersome. The most obvious complaint is the cost. It is basically … Continue reading

Memory Leak with s3 Fuse s3fs Over https

We have a hosting set up on AWS (amazon web services) and we use fuse and s3fs to mount an s3 bucket to the filesystem to store files uploaded by users. We noticed however that the s3fs process was consuming … Continue reading

Back to School

I know it’s not the typical season for the “back to school” theme, but that hasn’t stopped me from taking English Composition this semester. I am documenting my experience and observances about American Education in general at my new blog, … Continue reading

My new HP TouchPad – Better, Faster, Stronger, Overclocked

A couple of weeks ago I purchased an HP TouchPad once they were on fire-sale for $99. My initial review: WebOS is nice, simple, clean and “throwing” out apps to close them is fun.  The device though is slow (perhaps … Continue reading

New Site Design 2011

What you are looking at is my new website design.  It’s a different direction for me being more on the minimalist side than I’ve created for myself before and also utilizes Javascript & jQuery (it works without it too) for … Continue reading

Disable Verizon V-Cast popup / autostart on Android HTC Incredible

So after the update to Android version 2.2 on my HTC Incredible that I have with Verizon I notice that everytime I plug it into my computer with the USB cable it would pop up a V-Cast promo video in … Continue reading

Mock Draft 2010 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch now Available!

I know you’ve all recently been thinking “Hey… where’s that awesome iPhone app I used back in 2009 to create my NFL mock draft, check out player stats and follow the live results?” Well, never mind how I know that, the … Continue reading

What is SEO? An introduction to Search Engine Optimization and search result rank

Everyone wants their site to come up on the first page of google, yahoo and other leading search services. There is no simple or guaranteed solution to do this. But there are some things you can understand to get started … Continue reading

Detect File Types For Files With No Extension

As a web developer or anyone who uses a PC extensively, you may come across a file that has no file extension and the name and filesize give you no clues to make a guess as to what it might … Continue reading